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about a fight and punch from a high-school work and great things for pregnant women one vitamin. wgn news @ 9 we have no power no air out of the house since 8:00 a.m. all of our food to a friend's freezer and we will sleep in the basement >> not alone com ed crews working feverishly to restore electricity and an outfit brought on by a fierce storm more than three-quarters of a million people lost power in it chicago area that he can be in the dark for days good evening
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top story seen around the country storm has passed the damage is done and now lights back on sean lewis live in downers grove when there is an evacuation underway at a senior citizen residence still without power tonight >> correct, we are at oaktree towers a 164 you get six story senior citizen high rise no power in a building not just a nuisance it is dangerous and potentially deadly which is why voluntary evacuation offered to residents so far nine residents have said yes to being moved to a cooling center in lyle until power is restored other residents making the most of its sitting outside talking com ed warning much of northern illinois ted knight those without power right now could be without power for days.
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>> mother nature doing her thing >> the storm fast and furious packing winds up to 80 mi. per hour from the northern suburbs >> ripped off the power box from the house and these wires started dancing >> to the south side with wind up proving a tree and crashed into the green family home >> 8:00 in the morning i was sleeping and heard a loud noise >> the storm as of right now probably the worst storm we have experienced >> more than 850000 com ed customers lost power the highest number in a decade. >> the amount of damage we have experienced pretty much this will be several days before we have all of our customers restored it >> that news frustrating but not necessarily surprising to many >> these polls are overloaded with some many wires that are
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stressed saw the have a choice picking through the wed >> i have not seen a com ed yet but i assume there will be busier than a one armed bandit >> some com ed best customers including six flags great america in a gurney lost power before their gates opened closed the entire day these employees from mcclures garage in gurnee help others without power to clean up while in what he did power out and a roof blown off the apartment 60 residents will be put up in temporary housing. a weary region battling third big storm and as many weeks. >> seems to be that we are in the pathway things have shifted there seems to be closer to the lakefront to getting along the shoreline to the west we are certainly in the cross hairs >> com ed crew is working very hard to still tonight that have
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restored power to hundreds of thousands upon so far including great america spokesperson telling me tonight that because the power is back on to most of the park they are expecting to be open tomorrow morning >> the red cross opening 2 shelters for people displaced from homes due to today's storms in addition and west chicago two more shelters will now open in waukegan and in willowbrook. people who stay at the shelters will be given meals and have a safe and air conditioned place to stay and number to call on the the website for more information delays up to an hour at the airports 45 minutes in and out of midway, o'hare travelers hit hardest by the storm, 250 flights canceled. let's check in with meteorologist tom skilling all out of the area? >> it is out of the area but not
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rolling to the suburbs and it to the nation's capital washington d.c. started last night in the high plains of colorado and out 28 hours later bowed to the nation's capital have to get the city of around 8:00 this morning. this is the way the radar but to after 8:00 a.m., produced damage the length of illinois now northern illinois moving west virginia and to the east look at the way the dust came through the chicago area michigan city 88 m.p.h. top the list evergreen park over 70 mi. per hour winds look at the damage. covering 18 states and 1,400 mi. stretch. all taking place about the progress but there is an incredibly hot -- air, powerful jet stream along
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the perimeter. thunderstorms with a lot of the jet stream more key to the south of us tomorrow cooler weather on the way short term but the seat will make a move a story and to itself this coming weekend and early next week more on that coming up >> a 16 year-old in court today charged with the death of a died 11 dispatcher, marquis harrison sophomore at urban prep charter academy accused of being drunk when he crashed into her but a cut schneider >> continues to be a sad story all of the way are brought a beloved 911 dispatcher killed in a situation similar to those she may have handled calls on in their job also sad in terms of the teenager now charged a chicago high school athlete who school officials describe as a very bright student his bond was set today at $1 billion. drug
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and high on ecstasy of the accusations tonight against the 16 year-old chicago high school football quarterback now charged as an adult with first-degree murder. we get a car crash that killed a chicago police dispatcher on her way home from work suspect marquis harrison in court today bod said at $1 billion in connection with the accident that took the life of marciea adkins. stolid range rover marquis harrison driving and that they were in pursuit of police slammed into marciea adkins subaru a fatal hit situation gave her co-workers pause >> she died some think that what we do >> could happen to anyone of us when we leave work given the fact we work the same hours >> question that remains at what speed were chicago police willing to drive in hopes of wresting the range rover? chicago police policy states and the police vehicle pursuit must meet criteria including the
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necessity to ebbie be happy had created by a motor vehicle pursued in other words it police chase can lead to a crash or and ported to get the suspect. so far chicago police have not said exactly how fast they were going early sunday for the time being marciea adkins fellow dispatchers did not blame officers involved >> we do not blame the police that were doing their job >> chicago police told me this evening that as per department policy how the police chase was handled including the speed under review as for marciea adkins visitation has been set for this wednesday afternoon and evening at st. josaphat church on north southport in chicago with a final chance for visitation on thursday morning followed by funeral mass at 10:00 a.m. loved and respected by everyone who knew her memorial fund bounced up and
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active as honor get the details >> horrific beating death of a chicago teenager 109911 call from the fatal beach fight in indiana and rolling the dice on gambling inside the newest chicago area casino and what they are doing to lure new [ female announcer ] did you know nine out of ten growing kids don't get the recommended amounts of whole grain and calcium? that's where their favorite cereals like trix and cocoa puffs can help.
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a single blow to the skull killed a teen who found the south in the battle of a beachfront fight on the fourth of july now the died what one calls the deadly scene have been released >> he has had way too much to drink tea is bleeding from the nose he is not conscious at all >> lifeless looking body along the beach belonged to a highly intoxicated 17 year old kevin kennelly they say he was drinking with friends on the fourth of july 8th fight erupted near stop 26 on the beach he was trying to stop from getting any worse when 19 year-old james malecek took a swing and kevin kennelly got in the way the 911 caller bumped into kevin kennelly and his friends of free to call for help because he was dropped barely breathing and coughing up blood she folded the emergency >> i was on the beach friends were freaking out because he was underage nobody wanted to call
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>> people on the beach say that james malecek was defending his younger sister after a heated exchange of words charged with aggravated battery and involuntary manslaughter another female caller sounded more paniced >> it is to do right on the beach please >> both calls helped all the some kevin kennelly died last wednesday at adm hospital where family and friends were celebrating his life with his closest friends serving as pall bearers the bout caramel sr. remembered for sense of humor lay to rest kevin kennelly family said goodbye to of the child the boy they thought of as a peacemaker >> james malecek the suspect in the case due back in a la porte county court on thursday morning >> fire in a west chicago apartment complex forced 40 families into a local temporary
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shelter high-school flames shot out at the aspen ridge apartments charlie after two this morning 130 residents evacuated, 150 firefighters worked on the blaze and two of them were slightly hurt battling the blaze which proved stubborn because of the complex construction of the building >> fire on all three floors in the walls and ceilings on the roof and a round it is hitting the fire cell is not very visible so we need to go in and open and up and try to find where the fire is actually >> five residents had to be saved from a balcony that were not harmed >> federal judge ruled today that former media mogul conrad black is going back to prison in two months the judge says that he was not serve enough time after defrauding investors. going to spend another 13 months behind bars black was freed on bail to pursue what ended up as partially successful appeals. first jailed in florida next prison stay could be anywhere
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between speaker of the house john boehner possible 4 trillion dollar including significant tax revenue and text by pressure from fellow john boehner republicans john to do an abrupt turnaround >> president continues to insist on raising taxes they are not serious enough about fundamental entitlement reform to solve the problem to the gear and immediate future >> today's debt negotiations lasted two hours congressional aides said no breakthroughs to report but congressional leaders head back to the white house to try again on tuesday we want to hear what you think will there be an economic crisis if a deal is not reached to raise the debt ceiling? text yes or no to 97999 or vote online results after tom skilling the seven day forecast >> former first lady betty ford remember tomorrow and a private memorial service at calif. died
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from natural causes on friday at the age of 93. family will hold a private memorial tomorrow with eulogies from a former first lady rosalynn carter and cokie roberts news commentator. body then flown to grand rapids michigan buried next to her husband former president gerald ford. tough accusations for media mastermind rupert murdoch powerful group of news corps shareholders accuses him of treating his media empire like "family candy jar. " nepotism by hiring relatives they say it is inconceivable that he did not know of rampant phone hacking at london's defog to news of the world tabloid. the group also blasted son and board member for not investigating the hacking charges that ultimately shut down the 163 year old paper.
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>> play areas at fast food restaurants popular with children and parents but are they clean enough? developmental psychologist from arizona joined by tribune reporter monica eng on a tour of the playlands what they found about to turn your stomach, sticky surfaces filmy windows broken neck with the food morsels in every compartment and thick black goo in most crevices mcdonald says it has a cleaning policy but did not reveal >> i hired a laboratory and started working with microbiologists to find out in addition to what physically disgusting was said there was growing and that can make children very very sick about the center for advancing microbial risk assessment at michigan state says it is a very important that companies serving children have good cleaning and disinfection policies for more details about the playland hygiene study read the chicago tribune. coming up another
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medical watch clearing the smoke about children's hyperactivity a new study finds a possible new cause parents cigarette habits, children exposed to second hand smoke more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as other behavioral and learning difficulties the journal pediatrics reports on the link between exposure to smoke and altered behavior study included more than 55,000 children more vulnerable to tobacco smoke since they are any doubts about mental state. developmental stage. children who get more folic acid perform better on tests folic acid found in breads and cereals has an added benefit for the brain for children as they age teenagers who have high levels of folic acid also have higher academic levels of academic achievement conversely teens folate levels
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what a mess, a bathtub in the air, look at the tree. on the ground there. to the north of the city over 250,000 com ed customers in the northern suburbs still without power at this hour nearly 500,000 customers overall, the name of the phenomenon that caused this spanish word meaning straight or direct straight line wind gushing out of the fast-moving thunderstorms the term coined by
9:30 pm
an university of iowa researcher and 1980 referring to the storms 30 hours later haven't formed sunday afternoon at 3:00 out of nebraska at rolling into the nation's capital doing damage look at these pictures sent us the shot cannot get over it. trees not only come down taken up the entire route system damage of up willowbrook illinois more damage captured look at the trees down on this thing storms rolled through here 61,000 ft. a time lapse of the storm's coming into the city coming through at 60 m.p.h. at the time you have a 60 mi. per hour wind storm moving that quickly over the lake it takes a dome of water pushes it across the lake bounces off against the michigan
9:31 pm
shoreline bounces back and the lake level begins to oscillate and that is what we had today driving all of this intense heat to 100 degrees today in the st. louis areas downstate continued under heat advisories 120 + thunderstorm watch new band of storms developing south of us, movement downstate indiana ohio and the nation's capital still under the gun tonight for storms as the monsoon could to use flash flood watches to the west look at the key to take a good look while is going to back off the next few days coming at us full strength this weekend going to be a hot weekend around here classic summer pattern though these temperatures and minneapolis more representative of what we have come to get the next few days in fact by wednesday with the coming off of the lake we may stay in the '70s much of the
9:32 pm
chicago area, 91 degrees at this hour in st. louis and kansas city 82 degrees here, temperatures down in the wake of storms and a powerhouse jet stream forming between the hot air and i usually cool air to the north driving all of these storms storm center along the south edge of the storm the jet stream forming these lines here and watch this thing out it stays alive movement during the day here is washington d.c. falling apart tonight. this thing started in colorado and nebraska 30 hours into the life cycle and going strong. michigan city tops the list with wind gusts, we had many 70 mi. per hour gusts as you could see across the metropolitan area and the damage from wyoming and nebraska and colorado all of the way to washington d.c. where there has been damaged at night.
9:33 pm
adm at michigan and ohio and so forth. this is what it does stand alive for a long time it damaging real-estate. the first rain of three weeks not nearly enough we will talk more in a moment here on the storms that form started forming down on the far south suburban areas just south of the viewing area and adn at northwest indiana rolling out to the south and east of us. what is interesting that is a level of showers some models began clouds later tomorrow may hold together before we go into a beautiful sunny wednesday on around here with a northeast wind wed at the moment west northwest humidity is still high as is the dew point and mold spores and moderate rain and low paulette today whether but the camera at fox lake amazing 3 ft.
9:34 pm
high waves about a big setback as the wind whipped into the area other cameras captured the storm in the sand which this morning you can see the skies darkened and the rain poured down here is a view from harbor as the storm stuck into the area dropped visibility to near zero at geneva in the fox valley also get some kick out this afternoon here is washington d.c. turning dark and stormy. wind gusts from many areas around the city over 70 mi. per hour so it goes another amazing storm, waukegan has been hit three times in three weeks by damaging thunderstorm wind. strong jet stream and and credible supply of moisture and hot weather to the south of us feel like these repeated storm outbreaks. partly cloudy warm less humidity later tonight low
9:35 pm
temperature of 73. still a warm day tomorrow less humid with all of the lake later in the day 84 degrees for a high as wind from the northwest to north northeast 6-17 mi. per hour. clouds may rolled and later tomorrow with showers in spots low temperatures 64 degrees cooler and less humidity will northwest wind down the lake into the city only 74 degrees in the wednesday. back to the '80s by friday and over the weekend seven day forecast >> '70s will be welcome. coming up your first look inside the do casino and how they are rolling the dice on the success of big gambling in the chicago suburbs.
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9:39 pm
casino des plaines des >> gov. quinn one casino already secured the rights plans to open one week from today we were the first television crew inside the rebar du casino take a look before gamblers are allowed through the door. looking at 44,000 square feet of gambling 25 mi. from downtown chicago >> the highest limits best odds in the nation >> rebar/casino and des plaines long way from riverboats targeted at older upscale crowd going after select customers >> catering towards the high and
9:40 pm
the gambler service and amenities making sure the people playing in the chicago market you can see the emphasis in the high limit room hugo's frog bar dining area not grandmothers buffet >> by different food stations are owned giotto's had tossed salads three different kinds of suits pizza comfort station and italian station wok cooking sushi seafood >> first lead certified casino in the nation making building environmentally friendly internal air gauging system >> brings a kind of relaxed feel looking out of the prairie creates transported away from the gaming floor just what the moment when you can say pretty nice lunch or dinner
9:41 pm
>> halladay is the word and general manager is going for hoping customers will come here straight from the airport >> definitely going to be talking to the hotels in the area going to be offering shuttle service from o'hare airport and downtown >> des plaines mayor says rivers will bring in up to $6 million a year for the town money that will be to infrastructure repairs and keep tax rates down says rebar will make the northwest corner of cook county notable nationwide >> o'hare airport the allstate are pre-rosemont peter the convention center and now the casino so people will surely have a destination to go into >>, to chicago for museums and the theater and the lakefront not going to be a major for people just coming to visit to toward chicago >> served as professor of marketing at hospitality at unlv says high rollers will always had to lost a dispersed
9:42 pm
no matter what they consider what attract the same people all police serve the people of illinois >> i think the main reason be gaining is taken off in illinois and indiana is because people want the tax revenue to improve the roads schools and it definitely a quick way to raise that money >> the number of gaming positions at rivers could soon raise as the governor quinn sides a devin bell including five other casinos and at the door including one in downtown chicago, rivers executives say not worried about that possibility saying the market large enough to support several facilities negotiations on that didn't build expected to last the rest of the summer >> all bets are off for a dry week tom skilling another look at the next seven days but storms could be here by next week that >> later in sports ozzie
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m&m's® can't resist m. hey a gilligan, couldn't a wished for a boat, huh? wgn news @ 9 talk about a bundle of joy it get ready for this one mother's
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when in texas gave birth to a baby boy who weighed in at more than 16 lbs.. 10 little fingers and 10 little toes but jamichael brown anything but little look at camp came into the world with a full head of hair, 2 ft. tall and had a 17 in. chest the biggest baby ever born at good shepherd hospital and want you texas. he will be driving next week. long depute texas. the dad is the all but one is smiling in the video. the one good thing about that at least be mother and does not have to carry are rounded child for another couple of months is really hot down there. an amazing story. despite the rain this morning only 88 degrees at o'hare airport 91 degrees at o'hare today midway,
9:47 pm
11th 90 degree temperatures so far for big way that is it to more than normal, running to 90 degree temperatures ahead of normal, the most 90s this point to the season in six years in chicago the thunderstorms upstream into the dakotas downstate illinois it may swipe us with a shortly tomorrow lovely ted knightonight the brain that fell across the area not as much as we needed down an inch and have maybe 2 in., on the other hand look at the seat downstate temperatures thermometer readings today 104 degrees below is in the low 80s with the dew point in the '80s as well so it has been a need me. downstate. an period downstate. low pressure to the bust of us will stay at high
9:48 pm
pressure will settle in and close down the next few days, 84 degrees tomorrow, full length of the lake northeast wind to come again backs of public schooling but like humidity thursday night wind off of the lake cooling in the beaches wednesday and thursday friday began to warm up with isolated thunderstorms saturday sunday and monday a dome of heat that could stick around for awhile so we can carry that well into next week heatwave pattered most classic we have seen develop some time. we will see if it pans out. shourd does not look like it is going to looks like a couple of nice days before it gets hot again time to say about energy for those of us >> on their roles and lightning struck out a look back at today's storms through the lens of tribune photographers some of
9:49 pm
our photos of the day. >> i was in bed sleeping heard a big boom, looked out window saw tree on top of my car >> i came over this area to see how many trees it was massive 10 ft. in diameter >> this is the second time we have had to take up the generator this summer is a bad stretch a lot of trees coming down >> i woke up eight-8:00 the wind started to take off on me >> amazing pictures,
9:50 pm
>> coming up all-star festivities in full swing in arizona but much of the pregame talk is about how many guys decided not to come and hungry young black cocks fight to catch the eye of coaches and management dan roan next with sports. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ ♪
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i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. big all-star game out there tonight i cannot say it holds the same magic it once did because half of the players selected not showing up for what reason or another but still the all-star game packing them in tonight at chase field in phoenix watching starlin castro all star debut mike quade late after flight from pittsburgh canceled today the sox represented by carlos quentin and paul konerko happily agreed to participate home field and world series at stake you wonder why so many guys would not make it priority to show up
9:54 pm
>> i can understand a fan's point of view of voting somebody in and did not see that guy but listen a midseason game not at the end of the year, it is just these guys are with us every day you know the schedule, it is tough >> players know it is important so they know it is an honor so if they need to miss it something it big decision. ted knight the annual home-run derby, obviously the balls are jews tobago's self farjuiced they go so far rickie weeks not good night robinson cano great night second baseman, prince fielder terri tory too robinson cano and adrian gonzalex finals.
9:55 pm
blackhawks convention next week and maybe after that time to take a breather for the general manager and front office this morning wrapping up prospect camp all free. game, andrew shaw number 50 making presence felt on likely that will make the big clout this fall even the highest draft pick when trading camp starts addition of new guys bring a physical presence to the backs. >> we brought new players into the bixby hope they can bring a different style make it more difficult to play maybe bring more some of those me guys here >> one dimensional skilled team having advantages but at the same time log ride it planned an extra two months every game a battle is wearing and it is tough situation but at the same
9:56 pm
time we need a little bit of everything >> so yun you wanted the united states women's open today at a playoff, expected to get a deal done by july 21st the an f l one day before the chicago bears scheduled to start hall of fame game with the rams be history and even though all-star break game continues for white sox manager ozzie guillen sox bulls to academies in the western suburbs helping the kids his own players are still in the front of ozzie guillen mike >> when i see guys strikeout i called my players' names i hope they did not yell or be mad at me i call a couple guys swing and miss a couple of times it is all in fun it is all good i think when you talk to them compared to players they like get the kids, it is amazing how they know the players in his
9:57 pm
amazing they followed the team and they know the kids and they know what they do why they do that they are really sharp how many kids know a lot about baseball >> the kids swing and miss and adam dunn names comes up, having fun out there with the kids >> thank you that is the news for the monday night updates on have a great night.
9:58 pm
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